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Roslea Stone Works were established in 2005 and are Manufacturers of reconstituted stone building products. We have a reputation for high quality workmanship with granite and sandstone items which replicate the beauty of natural stone, with the benefit of reduced cost and less labour. We source our natural material sandstone and granite in the UK and Ireland and take a low energy approach to the manufaturing process to ensure our products are green and eco friendly.

The sand and granite we use is 100% natural and is formed from a pure and natural process that takes place over millions of years.

This stone blends in with the environment and lends itself well to planning regulations. From supplying stone for minor home improvements to to renovations or new builds the focus on customer satisfaction and attention to detail is paramount. Our extensive product range ensures we have stone to complement every structure.

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Stone Cladding

Stick On Quoins

Stick On Quoins

The advantages of using our sandstone and granite quoins, cills reveals and lintels are cost, speed of installation, and of course they NEVER need painting!. Ask your builder or architect to include them in your homes plans, keeping a consistent look and texture throughout the finish of your beautiful home.

Our Sandstone and Granite products come in Yellow- Buff, Silver-Grey and Dark-Grey colours and an array of sizes, bevels and contoured edges giving you the opportunity to have perfect detailed edging and finish. Remember if you do not see the "Perfect Fit" Contact Us and we can create your perfect custom fit. Our Sandstone products will stay as new for a lifetime when properly sealed.

The sand and granite we use is 100% natural and formed from a pure and natural process that takes millions of years.It is essential that sandstone and granite products be sealed to protect them from the elements and general weathering.

Chamfered corner Quoins are also a much safer option than square edged corner Quoins, especially for those with children playing outside their home.

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We are proud to announce the introduction of a new product, quality granite memorials and tombstones. We are an exclusive supplier in the border counties of these premium granite products. Memorials of any shape, size and colour are available. We can also create customer specific plaques and memorials, including etching any design or photo directly onto the memorial. You can count on us for a reliable service, fast delivery, competitive pricing and excellent quality. We also have on hand, skilled craftsmen who are experienced and available to erect your choice of memorial.

Please view our wide range of memorials and feel free to contact us by telephone or email and we will be happy to assist you.


Latest News

Roslea Stone Works now offering stick on quoins
We can supply stick on quoins to anywhere in the UK. Call us for more details or for information on the product.

Roslea Stone Works now recuiting sales agents across the UK
If you are interested in the opportunity to act as a sales agent, selling stick on quoins etc please contact us for more details.