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Lintels can also be an extremely attractive feature when done properly. We provide Lintels in a wide varity of finishes and styles. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

The advantages of using our sandstone and granite Lintels are cost, speed of installation, and of course they NEVER need painting!. Ask your builder or architect to include them in your homes plans, keeping a consistent look and texture throughout the finish of your beautiful home.

Keystone Lintels


Available in:

• dark-grey
• buff-yellow
• silver-grey

• With Keystone
• Plain


Stone Types
• Granite
• Sandstone



“I’ve been plastering houses for this last 20 years and the most difficult task of all was plastering on the corner quoins.

This can be slow back breaking work at the best of times and even if you're nearly finished the job, a heavy shower of rain can set you back to square one. This has happened many a time in showery weather.

Thankfully the new taper-lock stick-on quoins can be fitted in nearly all weather conditions which has over comes this problem.

Another advantage of using stick-on sandstone and granite quoins, is that they are all exactly the same size, meaning you get a perfect finished that never needs to be painted.

Also if a quoin gets damaged on house, even years later, it is possible to remove it from the wall and fit a replacement easily.

A labourer and I can fit 125 quoins per day to the normal size house and garage even in showery weather.

When I complete all of the plastering work I give the quoins a good coat of Larsen water sealer which will last a life time and protects the quoins from frost damage and weathering. In the last two winters of 2010 and 2011, with tempeture dropping to minus 18 degrees celsius, the quoins survived the frost without any damage.”


Damien Smyth Keady,
Plasterer, Armagh


Latest News

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